As every year, the 48 European member organisations of Caritas Europa were invited to be represented at the Regional Conference, Caritas Europa Network's main statutory decision making and direction setting assembly.

The thematic of the 2006 Regional Conference of Caritas Europe focused on "Catholic Social Teaching and Caritas".

The thematic program was designed to show how Catholic Social Teaching can form and transform Caritas work at the grass root level. As Pope Benedict XVI says in his encyclical "Deus Caritas est": "The concrete Caritas effort can not be cut from the general commitment the catholic church towards a just society and a contribution to the civilisation of love".

Two were the concrete objectives of the thematic:

  • To conduct a profound exchange and common reflection about the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, their significance and their impact in the context of the Caritas work. 
  • To discuss and elaborate ways in which the specific Caritas work may contribute to the further development of the Catholic Social Teaching.

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Draft Minutes from the Conference   

Principle of Solidarity
    Working Group Report by Annalisa Mazzella
    Communication and Advocacy Officer, Caritas Europa

Principle of Subsidiarity
    Working Group Report by Peter Verhaeghe
    Migration Officer, Caritas Europa

Trafficking in Human Beings
    Working Group Report by Peter Verhaeghe
    Migration Officer, Caritas Europa

European Social Model
    Working Group Report by Jacqueline Tordoir
    Social Policy Officer, Caritas Europa

Principle of Common Goods and Sustainability
    Working Group Report by Harald Happel
    Humanitarian Officer, Caritas Europa

International Trade and Trade Justice
   Working Group Report by Harald Happel
   Humanitarian Officer, Caritas Europa

The Issue of HIV and AIDS
    Working Group Report by Keti Tskitishvili
     Internal Network Policy Officer, Caritas Europa