Caritas Belgium brings together three Caritas member organisations: Caritas Flanders, Caritas in French- & German-speaking Belgium, and Caritas International.

Caritas Flanders (Caritas Vlaanderen) and Caritas in French- & German-speaking Belgium are regional organisations that focus on thematic issues of identity, pastoral care, volunteerism and the fight against poverty. They also bring together the diocesan Caritas organisations, solidarity organisations and other social service and health care federations.

Caritas International is the organisation in charge of international solidarity. It helps victims of wars, natural disasters and poverty, whether they are refugees or victims of disasters in their own countries.

Of the above three organisations, Caritas International is the largest member of Caritas Belgium.

Caritas International Belgium

In close collaboration with its national and international networks, Caritas International Belgium supports victims of violence, natural disasters and poverty, whether in their own country or on the run. Caritas International carries out its mission without any form of discrimination, assists the most vulnerable people and supports them in their search for durable solutions. 

Caritas International and its partners provide efficient emergency aid in the event of a crisis. The organisation also implements rehabilitation and development projects to offer people the opportunity to take charge of their own lives and their future. It also welcomes asylum seekers and defends the rights of migrants to material, social and legal assistance, accompanying them in Belgium and in their country of origin. 

Caritas International denounces all forms of injustice witnessed by its collaborators, and advocates for structural solutions. This collaboration and expertise also inspires their educational work aimed at the general public, especially the school community.

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