There are three Caritas organisations in Belgium that constitute Caritas Catholica Belgica (or Caritas Belgium); Caritas International Belgium, Caritas Flanders and Cariats Catholica in French- and German Speaking Belgium (Caritas Catholica en Belgique francophone et germanophone.)

Caritas International Belgium is the organisation in charge of international solidarity, including relief, development aid and assistance to migrants and asylum seekers. It is also the largest and operational member of Caritas in Belgium.

Catholica Flanders (Caritas Vlaanderen) and Caritas Catholica en Belgique francophone et germanophone are regional umbrella organisations that on the one hand deal with thematic issues regarding identity, pastoral care, voluntary work and combating poverty, while also bringing together diocesan Caritas organisations, solidarity organisations (including Caritas International Belgium) as well as other federations of social and health care services (like hospitals, elderly care residences, child care facilities and others).

Caritas International Belgium

Caritas International Belgium

In co-operation with international and national networks, Caritas International Belgium supports victims of war, natural disasters and poverty, whether they are refugees in Belgium or affected in their own countries. Their work provides access to healthy food, drinking water, medical care, education and employment to the most vulnerable people in order for them to become the subject of their own development.

Caritas International Belgium provides emergency aid in response to disasters or conflicts. This constitutes the central mission of the agency’s work. In case of crisis, Caritas International Belgium provides efficient and quick urgency help. Once the assistance has been delivered, they set into place rehabilitation and development projects in order to allow implicated communities to provide for their self-sufficiency.

Their rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes focus in various fields: food, security, housing, water and sanitation, healthcare and rehabilitation. Caritas International Belgium directs its attention to sustainable and increased production, the diversity of inputs, improved purchasing power, access to basic infrastructure (water, healthcare, education, housing) and community development.

The agency also works on programmes such as gender equality, HIV and AIDS prevention and environment and climatic issues.

Domestically, Caritas International Belgium organises the reception and accompaniment of asylum seekers and defends foreigners’ rights. Their social workers offer social and legal aid to migrants and asylum seekers and accompany them in their search for sustainable solutions. The expertise of its teams, both in Belgium and in the South, allows them to denounce injustices and plead for structural solutions.

Caritas International main office in Brussels employs over 100 personnel and 200 volunteers to carry out their services and mission.

To achieve a structural improvement in the living conditions of vulnerable groups, Caritas International Belgium builds lasting relationships with local partners; such as a project involving Caritas Goma to provide assistance to families in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

General Information

Mr. Michel Verhulst

Mr. Gonzalo Dopchie

43A rue de la Charité
1210 Brussels

Telephone +32 2 229 36 11
Fax +32 2 229 36 36
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Caritas Flanders

Caritas Vlaanderen

From a Christian vision of man and society, Caritas Catholica Vlaanderen is construed in accordance with the instructions of the Flemish Bishops as a consultation and cooperation platform of the Caritas sections employed in the Flemish Region and the bilingual Brussels Capital Region; as well as in in the sector of health and welfare and solidarity in general .

Caritas Flanders works especially on:

  • Christian identity , ethics and church involvement
  • The social and political positioning
  • Innovative initiatives with new social problems and needs
  • Priority attention to poverty issues in the voluntary sector
  • Social research and studies in the health and welfare sectors
  • Training and formation on the topics listed above.

Taking into account the public interest and with the greatest possible autonomy of the members, Caritas Vlaanderen ensures the implementation of the corporate purpose of solidarity among its members.

As a Flemish organisation Caritas Flanders also pays attention to the international context. Together with Caritas International and its French sister organization Caritas Catholica and Communauté française and germanophone,

Through Caritas Catholica Belgica, Caritas Flanders is a constituent member of Caritas Europa, the European region of Caritas Internationalis . Within Caritas Europa, Caritas Flanders contributes to the network's working groups.

General information

Luk De Geest

Dominic Verhoeven

Rue de la Charité, 39
BE 1210 Brussels

Tel: +32 2 507 01 11

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Caritas Catholica en Belgique Francophone – Deutschsprachiges Belgien (CCF)
(Caritas in the Belgian French- and German-speaking Communities - CCF)

Mr. Jean-Pierre Schenkelaars

Secretary General 
Mr. Patrick de Bucquois

Rue de la Charité, 39
BE 1210 Belgium

Telephone: +32 2 230 39 27

Caritas International Belgium