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Since 1947, Caritas Denmark has been developing effective solutions to poverty and injustice at home and abroad through empowerment of poor rural people in Africa, Asia and South America, refugee and emergency relief worldwide and family related projects and social support for au pairs in Denmark.

Fundamental to the success of Caritas Denmark programmes is that beneficiaries are involved in setting up and implementing the programmes, this ensures a sustainable and effective local anchored operation.

On the development stage, Caritas Denmark work in six countries (Bolivia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Niger, Burma and India) in close cooperation with local communities. Caritas Denmark has 48 percent of its overseas work directed towards development aid while 40% is concerned with emergency relief (2012 figures). The development effort is centered on organisation and training of rural people within improving small scales agricultural production, upgrading of value chains and microfinance. All development projects have a special focus on equality between men and women. Caritas Denmark always works from organic and sustainable principles and supports preventive and nature restoration measures.

Their emergency relief programmes provides assistance to victims in conflict, food insecurity, disease and natural disasters. In the longer term, Caritas Denmark assists refugees and the local population in developing small scale agriculture, improving water supply and accessing basic health services. In 2012, after civil war broke out in Syria, Caritas Denmark responded promptly and has supported the international Caritas relief cooperation in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria with $750,000.

Caritas Denmark provides assistance to internally displaced people in Mali and Myanmar (Burma) and helps Burmese refugees in Thailand, Malian refugees in Niger, Darfur refugees in Chad and Iraqi refugees in Jordan.

Domestically, Caritas Denmark social development includes a training programme which equips couples to manage and prevent conflicts and improve cohabitation. They also founded the Centre for Au Pairs (CAP) which advises au pairs and supports information sessions and social activities for au pairs in the Copenhagen area, Aalborg, Aarhus, Horsens, Esbjerg, Elsinore and Lyngby. CAP intends to counteract social isolation and create better conditions for girls living in Denmark.

Caritas Denmark’s main office is in Copenhagen and has a staff of approximately 19 people with volunteers and student assistants. Caritas Denmark also has a network of volunteers that the organisation draws on. Caritas Denmark is part of the Catholic Church in Denmark and works closely with the 52 parishes and approximately 40,000 Catholics. Additionally, Caritas Denmark has parish representatives in all of the country’s 22 Catholic schools.

As a member of Caritas Internationalis, Caritas Denmark works in partnership with the over 160 national Caritas organisations to help millions of people worldwide – both in the world’s hotspots and in regions where long-term development efforts are needed.

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Mr. Jann Sjursen

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