Hosted by MEP Cecilia Wikström in the European Parliament

  • Launch: Migration report
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Caritas Europa launches a new report "Migrants & refugees have rights! Impact of EU policies on accessing protection".

Hosted by MEP Cecila Wikström, the launch takes place

in the European Parliament, room ASP5G1
on 17 March 2016
from 13:30 to 15:00

This report is Caritas Europa’s studied response to the tragedy hundreds of thousands of women, men and children face when seeking refuge in Europe. People escaping war, repression and violation of human rights turn to Europe in the hope of finding a safe haven, but instead meet with denial of protection and rejection of solidarity. With this report, Caritas Europa wants to contribute to this political debate and propose solutions to the ongoing tragedy of migration. It is based on the experiences of Caritas organisations across Europe working to secure protection and human rights of migrants and refugees. The stories and testimonies of those who make it to Europe demonstrate the urgency of the situation.