Child and Family Poverty

Caritas Europa firmly believes that the eradication of child and family poverty in Europe is possible if a sufficient level of political will is mobilised.

In Europe alone there are more than 20 million of children at risk of poverty. This number is growing as a direct result of the economic crisis. Many of the services on which these families and children are depending on are experiencing significant cutbacks. This trend is not sustainable nor acceptable as it has serious consequences for millions of families and children across Europe.

Caritas Europa advocates:

  1. Adopting a child-specific, multi-dimensional, rights-based approach to tackling child poverty based on the standards and principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  2. Ensuring an adequate minimum income for families, at least above the relative poverty threshold, to prevent and combat child poverty
  3. Maintaining a particular focus on children who are at greater risk of poverty
  4. Promoting a greater integration of family aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and the transmission of disadvantage across generations.
  5. Strengthening the 'inclusive growth' elements of the Europe 2020 Strategy, in particular "European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion' which identified child poverty as an issue of concern for Member States.
  6. Giving more visibility in children in poverty and their families in the EU's Multi-Annual FInancial Framework (2014-2020)
  7. Ensuring the availability of more adequate and timely data on child poverty and social inclusion at EU and Member State level.
  8. Setting annual targets for tackling child poverty as part of Member State's National Reform Programmes.
  9. Involving civil society in a partnership approach to tackling child poverty
  10. Enhancing mutual exchange and learning in order to promote more effective approaches to tackling child poverty at EU and Member State level.