The Capacity Building Programme of Caritas Europa aims to strengthen member organisations' capacity of serving people in need in an efficient and professional way.

Caritas Europa supports its member organisations to become organisations that are able to anticipate, react and respond to change, complexity and uncertainty while preserving their common values, mission and identity based on the Catholic Social Teaching.

A complementary set of capacity building activities is offered to MO in line with, and in support of the three priority functions defined in the CE strategic framework 2011-2020. Those priority functions are: 1) Advocacy, 2) Humanitarian aid and 3) Strengthening the network.

The red line throughout the capacity building programme is the learning from, and with each other. Training is based on experience: exchanges and practical aspects are the focus. Caritas has a wealth of experts in house that are ready to share their knowledge and skills.

The capacity building working group is currently developing a new approach to learning: the learning paths. This approach aims to offer a more continuous set of learning activities around priority themes identified by the network and in line with the strategic framework. It will strengthen the capacities of the participating individuals who will be following all the activities in a certain learning path that can take up to 18 months. As a consequence, a network of colleagues with expertise a given area will be created. These experts will in turn bring their expertise to their organisations, but will also be able to support other orgnanisations in the network when and where need be.

The first learning path will be addressing themes relating to organisational development (OD) and is scheduled to be ready for launching in 2015. A second learning path on Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is under development and should also be ready for enrolment next year. Learning paths on Advocacy and Humanitarian aid should follow.

Accompaniment of member organisations involved in learning is facilitated by the CE Secretariat: support to colleagues involved in CE processes and initiatives (or not) and who need technical or other support and advice In the meantime can be organized through peering, consultancy visits by internal experts or other means of support that can be provided in the network. .


OD Learning Path