Let’s liberate Europe from poverty
Wed, 09/11/2016 - 09:01

The next Caritas Europa publication “Social justice and equality in Europe – is possible” presents our vision for resilient social models in Europe, which is based on the analysis of social realities on the ground. According to our vision, such social models must provide for the well-being of all people in society and are able to cope with economic, social and demographic challenges.

In order to reduce inequalities and poverty, we must change societal structures that systematically exclude parts of the population. Caritas believes that family, labour market and social protection policies are the three relevant pillars through which we can achieve resilient social models. Hence, our publication provides recommendations under these three pillars. In particular, we recommend to:

  • Adopt a monthly child allowance; families with a low income should receive an increased amount of such allowance;
  • Ensure wage equality between women and men – equal pay for equal work;
  • Guarantee a means-tested minimum income that is above the poverty line;
  • Protect basic social rights by integrating them as human rights into national constitutions.

This publication, together with the European Social Charter, will be a key advocacy tool to achieve more social justice across Europe through the promotion of resilient social models.

Written by Peter Verhaeghe, Caritas Europa Policy and Advocacy Officer responsible for social policies


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