Child trafficking
Thu, 13/06/2013 - 10:23

Brussels, 12 June 2013 - “Your money feeds child trafficking”. This is the slogan several members of Caritas Europa are circulating, hoping to end crimes against children who are forced to labour in Europe and accross the world. Find the campaign posters here and here.

“Caritas Europa welcomes this initiative by a number of our member organisations. We have actively advocated for actions to tackle child and family poverty on a European level and we will continue doing so as long as this remains a serious problem in our societies,” says Déirdre De Búrca, social policy officer at Caritas Europa.

Caritas Europa has already published several publications on child poverty in Europe, such as “State of Play in Europe” and “Good Practices from Caritas Projects in Europe". Moreover, Caritas Europa’s “Ten Pack of Recommendations on Child Poverty” were greatly taken into consideration by the European Commission’s recommendations on how to tackle what we have described as a “badge of shame for Europe”.

In the autumn this year, yet another publication will appear with “voices of children” all across Europe, with the aim of raising more awareness among European decision makers.

Caritas Europa has also called on the European Parliament to adopt child–centred policies in order to enhance adequate social and legal protection of minors, regardless of their legal status.

"All unaccompanied minors must be treated as children in the first place,” says Peter Verhaeghe, Head Advocacy Unit at Caritas Europa. “All these activities contribute against trafficking of children, which should be tackled with all legal means.”

Another useful link, 12.06.13 Child Labour campaign - Spain


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