Young Catholics Visit Brussels to Understand Importance of Faith within the EU
Wed, 27/02/2013 - 16:38

A group of young Catholic graduates from England and Wales with the vocation to serve in politics and civil society have paid a visit to Caritas Europa today. This visit was part of a 2-day stay in the capital of the EU to learn more about the role that EU Institutions and Brussels-based Church organisations are playing and with a particular interest in the importance of faith.

Caritas Europa was delighted the 8-people group that is participating in the Catholic Parliamentary Internship Programme to its office today. The group met with Secretary General Jorge Nuño Mayer, who introduced the functioning of the Caritas network in Europe and the work that Caritas is doing across the continent and overseas, with a special focus on the new challenges that the on-going financial crisis is creating for the network, as poverty is increasing everywhere in Europe.

Mr Nuño Mayer praised the group’s courage to engage in public service. He also stressed the importance of having young committed Christians engaged in this field that will ensure that Christian values are taking into consideration and implemented when serving the people. Especially, in these times when economic interests are tending to weigh more than human values.

“Caritas is not only an organisation, Caritas is an understanding of life as Christians,” said Mr Nuño Mayer when introducing the organisation to the group. 

Catholic Parliamentary Internship Programme

This visit took place in the framework of a programme organised by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales called Catholic Parliamentary Internship Programme. The 8 participants are currently offering their services as interns to Christian organisations such as CSAN and CAFOD; and to politicians in the UK sitting in the House of Lords and the Parliament.

Visiting Brussels was the first part out of 3 of which the programme is composed. The two other parts are a visit to the Vatican in April to meet with Vatican officials, and a spiritual retreat in Northern Ireland.

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