Brussels, 18 May 2009. - As every year, the 48 European member organisations of Caritas Europa were invited to be represented at the Regional Conference, Caritas Europa's main statutory decision making and direction setting assembley.

The 2009 Regional Conference was held in Brussels on 15 May in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

The assembley reached consensus on the revision of the statutes and the new Institutional Regulations (presented by Patrick De Bucquois, Secretary General of Caritas Belgium - 'Communauté Francophone et Germanophone').

The delegates also appoved the Common Management Standards for national member organisations (presented by Christoph Petrik-Schweifer, Secretary General of Caritas Austria for international issues).

The thematic work of the conference referred to challenges for development work in the context of the economic crisis following a presentation by Justin Kilcullen, Director of Trocaire.

Looking forward to the 2010 European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion, the Caritas campaign and Poverty Papers in view to this year were presented by Stefan Wallner, Secretary General of Caritas Austria for domestic issues.

In 2010 the Regional Conference of Caritas Europa will be held in Spain in the context of the Spanish EU Presidency.