Solidarity and inclusiveness in economy: Proposals on the change mentality and attitudes
+ Luis Antonio G. Card. Tagle Theology Days on Charity 23 April 2017 It is only proper to begin my conference by bringing you warm greetings from the Philippines and the Archdiocese of Manila. A word of thanks is also due to Mr. Vicente Altaba, Delegado...

Populorum Progressio 50 years on

Don Giovanni Perini - Picture courtesy of
By don Giovanni Perini Don Giovanni Perini, Director of Diocesan Caritas and regional delegate Piemonte-Valle d'Aosta, Italy. The Encyclical letter “Populorum Progressio” written by Pope Paul VI, was produced at the end of '60s, a period full of difficulties in the sphere of international relations. It is a...
A 50 anni dalla Populorum Progressio

Caritas Internationalis Management Standards

SP: Inclusive Labour Markets

Inclusive Labour Markets

Caritas Europa’s vision for resilient European social models, that provide for the well-being of all people, is based on p

Integral human development in relation 50 years of Populorum Progressio
Mgr. Victor Grech
Key-note speech delivered at Caritas Europa's Spring Academy on Monday 03 March 2017, by Mgr. Victor Grech With this synthetic presentation about the great Encyclical “The Development of People”, including a special emphasis on integral human development...

Trócaire: living Populorum Progressio through its actions

Trócaire: living Populorum Progressio through its actions
By Stephen Farley Stephen Farley, Development Education Officer at Trócaire, with Gerson Javier Bermúdez, a resident of Choloma in northern Honduras. Javier is a member of the local emergency committee and takes an active role in organising emergency evacuation plans for his community in the event of severe...
Strong Parish Caritas in Georgia – Empowered minority Communities
By Liana Mkheidze Liana Mkheidze is Development and Emergency Program Manager at Charitable Foundation “Caritas Georgia.” Charitable Foundation “Caritas Georgia” from 1994, the very beginning of work in Georgia, was dealing with pure humanitarian aid to vulnerable population, however from year to year Caritas Georgia moved to social-care...