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A Paint Brush’s stories…

With the guidance of the well-known contemporary visual artist Mrs Evi Photopoulos, children beneficiaries of the Caritas Hellas Social Spot in Vathis square travelled for a week (25-29 June) in the world of painting. Through colours and words, they gave shape to the world they dream of.

The children caught the brushes in their little fingers to tell their stories.

A brush will draw a thought!
The colours were mixed to shape the sun and the sea… A flower is about to blossom, and a smudge hides it. Perhaps tomorrow it will become a home or a mountain! The brush will reveal it. In the next days the colours took life and built a house. A door, a window in front of a road that goes far away, the earth married with the sky, and then the children picked a broader brush to make the sunlight.

Τheir creations brought joy to their faces…They saw a small dream taking shape in their hands. A fish, a doll, a mountain, a hill… They whisper and sing, and they champ at the bit. When and how? they wonder. Perhaps the next day.

A one-week journey that started hesitantly and ended with the children’s souls full of enthusiasm: “I want to become a painter” they shouted.

A true celebration of colours and creation!

Α journey that left us a sacred heirloom: the works of the pure children’s hearts that shouted:
With the red colour, Love!
With the yellow, Light!
And with the blue, Sea…
As when the world was created,
to fit all the races without frontiers.
They came from far away.
Children thirsty for life and full of dreams.

Our little painters-writers warmly thanked their teacher Evi Photopoulos.
On their journey, she held their hand firm for they could make the sun brighter and lower the line on the hill to become the horizon.