Who we are: Caritas Europa is the network of Caritas organisations on the European continent. The united strength of its 49 members, present in 46 European countries, makes of Caritas Europa one of the major social actors in Europe. Read more

Mission and ValuesCaritas Europa has a heartfelt commitment to analyse and fight poverty and social exclusion as well as to promote true integral human development, social justice and sustainable social systems in Europe and throughout the world. Read more

A Region of Caritas Internationalis: Caritas Europa is one of the seven regions of Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Internationalis has 165 members. A member is a national charitable organisation or a collective group of them that works with the support of their respective Church. Or it can be an international charity recognised by the Vatican dedicated to human advancement and development. Read more 

Our Member Organisations: Strong of the membership of 49 European Caritas organisations (47 members and 2 corresponding members) present in 46 countries in Europe, the network of Caritas Europa completely covers the European continent. Read more

Our Regional Conference: Held annually, the Regional Conference is the Caritas Europa Network's main statutory decision making and direction setting assembly. All 49 member organisations are represented during the Conference. Read more.

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Organisation Chart: Caritas Europa is currently implementing its revised strategic framework 2017-2020. Read more

Caritas Europa's strategic framework 2017-2020: Caritas Europa is currently developping its activities within the framework United in Fraternity for more Solidarity in Europe, that will guide the network during the period 2017-2020; as it was adopted by the Caritas Europa Regional Conference held in Lourdes on 23-26 May 2016. Caritas Europa's strategic framework 2017-2020 is available in English, French and German.

CARES: Caritas Actions Reinforce the European Social dimension is a 4-year programme financed by the European Commission through which Caritas Europa seeks to optimise the participation in the European Social Project of its 49 members present and active in all 28 EU Member States and beyond. Read more

Institutional Reporting: Consult our Annual Activity Reports, Outcome Reports and Annual Account Reports. Read more