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Answering the call with Caritas Slovakia

This difficult time we are facing due to COVID-19 has brought significant change to the usual rhythm of our days, and inevitably, has affected our mental state. However, as the onslaught continues, the initiative to act creatively by organisations and people who are aware of the need to help is increasing. Help has taken creative forms in Caritas Slovakia and all our welcome to get involved.

Our parishes continue to serve the community through parish charities which are always looking for new volunteers. These people, willing to give of their time and energy, not only carry out the charity mission of the Church in the spirit of God’s love but also help improve the lives of everyone in their community. Two weeks ago, a unique project called Daruj rúško (give a face mask) started its initiative through the parishes around Slovakia and quickly became very successful. Companies and volunteers are calling in to take a part and to make a difference during these difficult times.

Indeed, in the current emergency situation, helping people in need has become more urgent than ever. This COVID crisis found us caught at the end of our food supplies, distributed under OP FEAD. However, this hasn’t stopped us from being out here in the field. We continue to campaign for more resources, contacting partners and, at the same time, the largest food chain in Slovakia which came to the table with an extraordinary level of support for people in this difficult situation.

Tesco donates more than € 172,000 of food and other necessary products necessary for every family in need. Part of the extraordinary assistance from will be include non-perishable food, cleaning products, and childcare products.

Last but not least, we are looking for ambassadors for Caritas Slovakia. Do you spend the days in confinement at home, wishing there was a way to help? Become an ambassador of our organisation and help those who are most at risk. Don’t want to stand by idly? We offer you a chance to get actively involved. Create a challenge to reach your friends and their friends. For a moment, you lend your face to an organisation you believe in, and as an ambassador, you get involved in something that transcends any contagion, social inequality, or the intergenerational gap.

Why become an ambassador? Any individual acts of assistance that you can do in your own environment are extremely valuable and we do not want to discourage you. However, we ask for help in troubled times because, as an organisation with experience and a network, we know how to help in an effective and targeted way. Through our help, you can be close to the people whom society tends to forget.

About Caritas Slovakia

We provide assistance to the elderly, the long-term infirmed, homeless, socially disadvantaged, people with physical or mental handicaps, and youth from orphanages. We manage a number of charity facilities throughout Slovakia, among which you will also find homes for the elderly, hospices and dormitories for the homeless.