A new way of accompanying Caritas

The Organisational Development Solidarity System (ODSS) is a new way of accompanying Caritas organisations. Accompaniment is a relationship that starts with mutual respect and recognition of the values of the other partner. It is about walking the way hand-in-hand, learning from each other and growing together; it is about empowerment, capacity building and creating community.

In the past, some members of our network felt the need for such accompaniment and other types of support that were not formally foreseen in the Caritas Development Fund (CDF). Therefore, while designing the ODSS, Caritas Europa wanted these features to be part of the new system.

This is why the ODSS comprises accompaniment methods, in addition to financial and technical support:

  • Financial support: monetary support allocated on the basis of a narrative and financial application and depending on the amount of donations available.
  • Technical support: peer-to-peer support provided by organisational development experts in the network, allocated on the basis of a narrative application and depending on the number and field of expertise of the people available.

Member organisations willing to support the system will have the possibility to both pledge money and to make their experts available.

“As Caritas Belarus, with this new solidarity system, we can also be experts and through this technical support we can bring our experience and expertise to other members of the Caritas confederation,” says Veronika Shendo, Executive Director at Caritas Belarus.

This way, all members of the Caritas Europa network can show their solidarity towards one another. To learn more about Caritas Europa’s vision of solidarity in the context of ODSS, read the previous blog introducing the new system.

The ODSS and its features will be presented at the Caritas Europa Regional Conference in Georgia in May, where secretariat staff will also be available to answer questions. Afterwards, we will circulate a video to the entire network that shows what member organisations think about the new solidarity system, so stay tuned!

To receive more information or to support the system, please contact gbianchini@caritas.eu.

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