Caritas Athens celebrates 40 years of offering

On the 40th anniversary of offering and solidarity of the Charitable Organization of the Catholic Church, Caritas Athens, in the Greek society, a concert of choral music is organized in collaboration with the ERT's (Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation) Musical Ensembles on Monday, October 8 at 20:30 at the Parnassos Literary Society (Karytsi Square 8, Athens) for strengthening its goals.

The event, besides its festive character, will provide an opportunity to present the organisation to the public, to appreciate and honour its supporters and to show how helping everyone, in any way they wish, can raise awareness of people around us.

The ERT Choir will perform songs from the Greek cinema by Stavros Xarchakos, Manos Hadjidakis & Mikis Theodorakis, accompanied by a piano, under the direction of Athanasia Kyriakidou.

Tickets are sold at the Headquarters of the Organization, 9 Omirou Str, Athens Tel: 210-3626186 (Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00).
Entrance: 10 €.

Caritas Athens is a recognised Charity Society of the Catholic Church in Greece and a member of the national Caritas Hellas, which is part of the International Organization with a presence in 165 countries worldwide. It has been active since 1978 to embrace and support vulnerable groups of fellow human beings in the region of Attica, Evia, Peloponnese & Sterea Ellada. It is moved by the values of love, practical and substantial solidarity, subsidiarity, social responsibility, sensitivity, respect for human dignity and inalienable human rights reserved.

For 40 years, it has continued its generous offer and its organised and methodical support for every human being, whether Greek or foreign, in need, irrespective of age, race, sex, language, nationality or religion, trying to cover material, psychological and spiritual needs.
The wide range of activities that Caritas Athens has to deal with requires the operation of various organised areas of action, covering all the vulnerable groups of the social fabric of the capital. They can face all these issues thanks to the financial assistance of their supporters and donors, their participation in national and European programs (as it has no financial or material support from the state) and of course to the help of their valuable volunteers!

Its multi-faceted/multidimensional work, especially following the refugee crisis, has increased as the number of those seeking help has doubled, resulting in more than 120,000 people per year in the last two years, only in the Refugee Sector. They offered services like distribution of clothing, food, counselling, activities for children and adults, Greek-English language courses for Greeks, refugees and migrants, as well as shelter and prepaid cards for about a thousand refugees. Among the other activities there are volunteer blood donations, support and entertainment for the elderly, support for patients and people with health problems, distribution of food and essentials to homeless people, provision of daily snack to 165 primary school pupils, distribution of necessities for inmates of prisons, financial and advisory assistance to young people who want to start a small business, as well as emergency relief at natural disasters!

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