Activity with the children staying at the St. Luke centre  - Photo: Caritas Belarus

In 2016, Caritas Belarus began to work on the concept formulation of its organisational development strategy. This work was aligned to the strategic development of Caritas Europa, along with the primary targets of the European network and Caritas Internationalis. The process was also based on the findings of an assessment of our work during the last years.

Some achievements from the last few years:

Information Support - This project started 3 years ago to cover Caritas activities in the internet and mass media. This project is part of the strategy to attract increase Caritas Belarus public exposure to gain support and attract volunteers. As part of this strategy, Caritas Belarus is planning to produce a set of materials (video, booklet, etc) to foster participation.

Holidays in Belgium - Since 2012, Caritas Belarus cooperates with Eurochildren to organise holidays in Belgium for children from low-income families. More than 40 children have enjoyed from this programme to this date.

Winter Aid - This is a project to provide psychological and material assistance. The primarily target are Ukrainian refugees, who have fled to Belarus. However, the project also serves other vulnerable populations in Belarus, who face severe living conditions during the winter. This project is implemented in all diocesan Caritas and the national office cares for the coordination. Since 2012, the project has benefitted to more than 8,000 people.

Capacity building for volunteers - Over the last few years, Caritas Belarus has been organising a series of workshops and seminars for volunteers. This is done in collaboration with the Maltese Service of Social Assistance, whose employees conduct the seminars.

Adaptation at a distance – Implemented in cooperation with the Diocesan Caritas Budejovice in Czechia, this programme is for children living in socially excluded and vulnerable families, including children with disabilities and children placed in foster care services. The programme provides them with financial support to afford school expenditures such as school materials, uniforms, footwear, tuitions and leisure activities. It also enables the children to enjoy Christmas and Easter celebrations, and sightseeing tours with their parents. The programme also offers the opportunity to spend a holiday in Czechia. This part of the programme is organised by Caritas Prague in collaboration with Czech host families.

Children's Charitable Social and Rehabilitation Centre of St. Luke - Opened in 2004, this centre provides temporary shelter to children who are being treated at the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology. In St. Luke, the children and their parents, have access to a variety of activities, including sessions with psychologists. In some cases, Caritas also provides material assistance in form of food, clothing, toys, and medicines.

Future plans

In its new strategy, Caritas Belarus sets the following priority tasks for the future:

  • Trainings and capacity building development programmes for Caritas employees and directors.
  • Work with volunteers, involvement of committed volunteers to participate in projects and actions.
  • Development and support of diocesan Caritas.
  • Cooperation with public social centres and other state structures and institutions.

Caritas Belarus intends to maintain its ongoing activities, helping people across the country, and plans to further develop its work and reach more people in need.

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