Pascal Al-Kateb, CEO Caritas Syria

Although the war is surrounding us, and it has a bad impact on the life of every Syrian family, we always have hope and believe that Syria is on its way towards peace. A lot of reconciliations between parties are happening in many hot zones since a while, which is giving us hope for the year 2016.

Love, forgiveness and accepting differences are what Syrians need to live nowadays, to be able to make peace and rebuild their beloved Syria. We believe that the international public should help and encourage Syrians to reach that.

During the last years, Caritas Syria has been able to help thousands of vulnerable and needy families, especially the displaced people and the ones who are still living in hot zones, who usually suffer from tremendous poverty and hunger, regardless of their sect, religion or political opinion. We offer food, clothes, medical care…. But the most important thing we always give to our beneficiaries is a good example of acceptance, love and peace…

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