Are you wondering what the Organisational Development Solidarity System (ODSS) is all about? The members of our network are ready to answer you!

The ODSS was presented to the network during the Caritas Europa Regional Conference in Tbilisi in early May through the testimonies of several members of our network.

But this was not all! While looking forward to starting this new exciting adventure we also had a look back at our past. What has the Caritas Development Fund (predecessor of the ODSS) brought to our network? In the last 5 years, 20 member organisations have supported the Solidarity System, helping 19 member organisations all over Europe.

Curious to know the rest? Check out our leaflet featuring Caritas Romania’s success story of solidarity!

All member organisations are now invited to contribute to the ODSS with an amount of their choice and/or by making their expertise available to the network. To support the system, please contact Giulia Bianchini: gbianchini@caritas.eu.

Now that we have the system and, hopefully, the contributions necessary to support it, the only thing left to do is to use it! For this, 30 participants will also gather in Freiburg in June to attend the ODSS workshop and train on the use of the application templates.

The best is yet to come! Stay tuned!

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