ODSS: workshop in Freiburg

It seems like yesterday, but one year and a half has already passed since the Caritas Europa Development Fund (CDF) Task Force first brainstormed about a new solidarity system for the network. We still didn’t know what name it would have, but the intention was clear: offering a tool to strengthen our member organisations. And ODSS – Organisational Development Solidarity System – it was! From the initial idea and the lessons learned from the CDF (and a lot of work!), we came all this way and at present have a fully-fledged system with a complete application package.

Next week (5-7 June), the system will be presented at a dedicated workshop in Freiburg. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the over 30 participants who have registered!

We will learn together how to use the application package and how to meet the eligibility criteria. For this reason, a number of experts will also be with us:

  • Miriam Pikaar from the Caritas Europa secretariat to talk about the mapping system;
  • Annamaria Vrzackova from Caritas Internationalis secretariat to talk about the CI Management Standards;
  • Robert Swinfen from SCIAF (Caritas Scotland) to talk about the financial audit; and
  • Frank Boomers from Boomers Financiëel Management to talk about the financial application.

It will be a golden opportunity to learn and share for everybody interested in benefitting from and supporting the system.

Can’t come to Freiburg? Don’t worry! Just contact us and we will be happy to send you the training material! And should you still be wondering what this ODSS is all about, listen to the network!

To receive more information or to support the system, please contact gbianchini@caritas.eu.

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