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By don Giovanni Perini
Don Giovanni Perini, Director of Diocesan Caritas and regional delegate Piemonte-Valle d'Aosta, Italy.

The Encyclical letter “Populorum Progressio” written by Pope Paul VI, was produced at the end of '60s, a period full of difficulties in the sphere of international relations. It is a letter sent not only to the catholic Church, but to the whole world, as it deals with problems such as poverty, social and economic inequalities, war and peace, and asks all nations to change political direction.

Paul VI was facing many situations that we are still facing today, in our current times, and that are reflected in the first Exhortation of Pope Francis “Evangelii Gaudium”. It is necessary to think of and build a new humanism that gives hope to all people.

The interventions of both Paul VI and Pope Francis have caused many reactions, but it seems that the voice of the two Popes remains a voice in the desert. Read the full text (in Italian)