Solidarity can make 100%!

Caritas is an ordinary organisation, what is extraordinary about it is - People. Not necessarily the leaders or managers, but the ones who touch the lives of others by daily providing simple service to the most needy. These are people who know the cost of life. These are people who know how to love and they acknowledge how important it is to daily practice the notions of love. At the end, these people compose the soul of Caritas, and one of the most valuable parts of this soul are young spirits.

Caritas Georgia is delighted to host young Caritas people in Tbilisi for the Regional Conference from May 7 to 9. Young volunteers from all over Europe will join in Tbilisi to exchange knowledge and to define better ways of serving people, while the leaders will define priorities and will make decisions about the future of Caritas Europa. Next year, Caritas Georgia will be 25 years old, and this is the first time that a Caritas Europa meeting is being organised in this country. Many of the partners that will participate in the Regional Conference have been investing much in the development of Caritas and in supporting people in Georgia, and for Caritas Georgia it will be a great honor to host each of the, and all of the, member organisations.

The three days of intensive meetings and activities will be a pure action of solidarity towards those whom we serve. We work to achieve justice, human dignity, common good, etc., but we always acknowledge that none of those can be achieved to 100%.The only 100% percent that we can achieve is solidarity: not only in feelings, but in actions too. Solidarity is one of the basic values of Caritas. I would call it the basic one, as it has the power of making us part of the whole, while making our actions effective, voices heard and love delivered.

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