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Call to strengthen children’s rights in the Pact

On the new EU pact on migration and asylum

Caritas Europa joins almost 30 NGO in a call to strengthen children’s rights in the EU Pact on Migration and Asylum.

Children have consistently been one of the largest groups of persons seeking protection in Europe, and in 2019 they represented almost one third of the total number of first-time asylum applicants. Whilst in 2015 children were only contemplated in a footnote in the Agenda on Migration, the 2020 Pact on Migration and Asylum includes various welcome safeguards for (mainly unaccompanied) children. However, we still have serious concerns in relation to certain procedures proposed.

This joint statement highlights concerns and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Guardians & family tracing
  • Formal best interest assessments & legal assistance
  • Return Sponsorship Procedures
  • Detention
  • Families with children over 12
  • Safeguards in Screening Procedures
  • Relocation
  • Status Resolution
  • External Relations

This joint statement complements Caritas Europa’s position paper on the Pact, and the joint statement that we co-signed in October.


joint statement


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