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Caritas Azerbaijan

Caritas in Azerbaijan is a corresponding member of Caritas Europa since 2002, but according to the local legislative it works just as an organization within the Catholic Church from 2011 without any own legal status.

There are no diocesan offices or church structures similar to the usual Caritas structures of different countries with more Christian population.

The small Caritas in Azerbaijan is not functional by itself, but being an interlocutor for CE and at the same time a sort of service-unit with a clear focus to support and strengthen of ongoing Social Projects of Catholic church in Azerbaijan.


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Bishop Mons. Vladimir Fekete, SDB

Br. Radoslav Filip Schudich, SDB

Catholic Church, Məmməd Araz Street 69/b/1
1069 Baku, Azerbaijan
Telephone: +994 12 562 22 55



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