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Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded

For their achievements in disaster risk reduction

Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and Caritas Serbia recently received recognition for their exceptional work in disaster risk reduction. On March 1st they were awarded by the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina for supporting disaster risk reduction in their respective countries and co-operating across borders. Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina’s main contribution was a Memorandum of understanding with local authorities, whereas Caritas Serbia produced a creative set of colouring books to educate children on disaster risk reduction.

In light of the International Day of Civil Protection on March 1st, the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina rewarded organisations and individuals who gave special contributions in the field of protection and rescue. Mr. Samir Agić, deputy of a minister in Ministry of Security, Sector Protection and Rescue, gave a short speech thanking all participants for their contributions and support, highlighting that the awards were distributed to acknowledge the success of organisations and individuals in their activities.

Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina have signed Memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Security during 2018 defining common goals for work and efforts to reduce disaster risks. This Memorandum is the jewel-of-the-crown resulting from years of work aiming to prepare citizens for climate change.

Deputy Agić stated that Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and Caritas Serbia were rewarded for their substantial and responsible work with children and young populations in disaster preparedness, through which they developed, and contributed to, common regional initiatives for protection and rescue in both countries.

After the ceremony, protection and rescue sector representatives from Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia had the opportunity to talk about future common programs which can support a system of protection and rescue in both countries.

Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina’s success is the joint result of the Caritas network, which invested in Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as of the Diocesan Caritas’, who implemented activities at the local level.

This story was first published by Caritas Bosnia and Herzegovina on their website.

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