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Caritas is committed to youth!

42 Caritas organisations across Europe came together in Tbilisi at the Caritas Europa Regional Conference to further develop youth engagement in Caritas, the Catholic Church and society. The Regional Conference listened to young people and acknowledged their important role in building a Europe of solidarity and peace.

…young people have a critical role. They are not the future of our peoples; they are the present. Even now, with their dreams and their lives they are forging the spirit of Europe.

Pope Francis, on the occasion of receiving the Charlemagne Prize in 2016.

The Regional Conference has committed to furthering youth engagement and will create a strategy and identify resources to that end. This will require wide and active participation, particularly that of our youth.

The commitment of Caritas Europa to support the engagement of young people is an important decision. This motivates us to continue strengthen young Caritas for a more just Europe.

Andreas Lustenberger, Coordinator of Young Caritas Switzerland

Caritas Georgia is fortunate to have so many young volunteers and we are happy that Caritas Europa prioritises youth. As hosts, we were privileged to share our richly diverse Georgian culture, which reflects the nature of Caritas.

Anahit Mkhoyan, Director of Caritas Georgia

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