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Caritas Kyiv’s “Child Friendly Space” helps internally displaced children integrate

“Child Friendly Space” – a development and leisure centre for children – has been operating in Kyiv for almost a year. It aims to provide psychological and social support and care to internally displaced (IDP) children from areas of military conflict in the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine.

The centre offers games and activities that help children become open to others and overcome psychological traumas. Children happily perform different tasks. Through innovative approaches to solving difficult situations, they receive practical knowledge that helps in adapting and overcoming different kinds of obstacles in life.

Children learn to think creatively. Exciting and interesting games give them the spirit of victory. Through play, the animators make the children travel to other countries and share with them different cultural customs, traditions, habits and ways of life from all over the world. This develops the children’s intellect as well as makes them healthier. We do our best so that the children can grow healthy and smart and can get rid of psychological traumas