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Caritas Moldova keeps helping during COVID-19

I called the local public authorities, I called the family doctor, either nobody answers the phone or nobody comes, only you, the ones from Caritas Moldova, continue to visit us and do not forget about us.

Agnesia, one of our beneficiaries, 86 years old

At present, during the Covid-19 global pandemic, the older people are the most vulnerable group. Those in poverty, those in poor health or with disabilities, and the lonely are the most difficult to support at the moment without putting them at further risk.

In these times of self-isolation and quarantine, many of our beneficiaries are isolated, and these people, who are in the group most at risk of infection and complications, feel especially lonely and sad.

In the days when no one comes to visit, or nobody calls them, the team of Caritas Moldova continues, with self-sacrifice and devotion, the noble mission of helping 200 beneficiaries from the Republic of Moldova.

Here is another example of message which we were glad to receive and which reaffirms that we are needed and must continue our mission:

Only you give me a call and come on in, and don’t forget about me, because nobody calls me anymore, and my relatives too, it seem as if they are afraid that they will catch the virus through the phone.

Anton, one of our beneficiaries, 90 years old

There are many elderly who look forward to when their door is opened and the people of Caritas Moldova will come in with a kind word, and with a warm heart, which is sometimes more important now than medical or social care.

We are deeply grateful to all our colleagues (medical professionals and social workers) who, daily, with faith and professionalism, are close to those who are find this pandemic the most trying.

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Natalia Cojusneanu

Project and medical coordinator
Caritas Moldova

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