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A hopeful ‘back to school’ for everyone

On the International Day of Charity

For the third year now, Caritas Moldova held a campaign to help children from socially vulnerable environments to prepare for the ‘back to school’ season. Caritas Moldova supported access to education of children from all over the country by providing at least 100 backpacks and the necessary school supplies to be able to start the new school year in the best possible way.

In this way, many generous people who collaborated with Caritas, either through money or in-kind donations, become guardians for less fortunate children. This campaign also intends to raise awareness about the situation of children who, due to material and family problems, cannot go to school or must leave it.

Over 100 children from primary and secondary school, aged between 7 and 13, benefited from schoolbags equipped for the beginning of the school year. In each backpack, the pupils were able to find copybooks for mathematics, language, drawing and music, drawing blocks, watercolours, brushes and pens, as well as other school supplies.

The end of the campaign took place on August 20 with a recreational event in which the children enjoyed an interactive program and had a lot of fun. The children attended various workshops on topics such as: drawing, making ecological bags, intellectual and educational games and sports. The children were also involved in an informational activity provided by police officers regarding the essential rules of behaviour on the street, as well as in a joyful and dynamic party.

Caritas Moldova, together with many partners, succeeded to put a smile on the children’s faces, as well as on their parents.

A great start to the school year!

More details can be found on the Caritas Moldova website.