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Caritas Slovakia’s anti-trafficking movie awarded

The short film “IVAN” won the prize “Best international film on modern slavery” at the Unchosen Modern Slavery Short Film Festival celebrated on 15 March 2018.

The 3 minute-long film narrates the authentic testimony of Ivan Machálek, a Slovak well-educated and healthy man who was exploited as a domestic slave for three and a half year in Slovenia.

Ivan was liberated by the Slovenian police and received the support of Caritas Slovakia to reintegrate society. Unfortunately, Ivan died of cancer less than two years after his liberation, he was 48. The trafficker and perpretator was never sentenced.

Ivan’s wish was that his story would not be forgotten.

Caritas Slovakia implements a special programme called STOP Human Trafficking to help victims of trafficking and exploitation, whether for forced labor, begging, prostitution, domestic slavery or forced marriages. The assistance to victims of human trafficking is under a special protection programe financed by the Slovakian Ministry of Interior. Jana Urbanová is the Coordinator of Prevention Campaigns of the Caritas´ project STOP Human Trafficking and she is very happy about this prize: “We are very excited about this award! We know that Ivan would be glad as he never achieved justice for what had happened to him; all the more he wished his story to be remembered.

Watch the movie “IVAN”