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Caritas Urkraine and Delivery help together

Some 32 tons of donations were distributed throughout the country

In June 2020, the logistics company Delivery joined the ranks of Caritas Ukraine partners. Since then Delivery transported more than 50 pallets of cargo, weighing about 32 tons, from Kyiv to local Caritas organizations throughout Ukraine.

This cargo is a charitable donation of Procter & Gamble, which was received by Caritas Ukraine within the joint action Pikluvannia v Kozhen Dim (Care in every home). Besides, part of this cargo was distributed topeople affected by the recent floods in western Ukraine.

The main specialization of Delivery is the provision of transport and logistics services for the B2B sector (business entities and the corporate sector) both in Ukraine and abroad.

This kind of partnerships with business and philanthropists allows Caritas Ukraine to make charitable activities even more effective, and thus help more people in need faster and better.