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Charity car “RadoMobil” hits the streets in Ukraine

The company Winner Group Ukraine has donated a new minibus to Caritas Ukraine, which will be used to transport charitable goods and beneficiaries as part of our project activities.

“RadoMobil” (“Rado” means happy) is the name given to a reliable and highly functional car. It will start fulfilling its charitable mission in April 2021, helping to transport Caritas social workers around Kyiv so they can easily, and efficiently reach beneficiaries, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. It will also deliver the goods needed to carry out the charity activities of Caritas.

“RadoMobil is first and foremost a symbol that embodies effective cooperation between business and professional philanthropists for the benefit of the most vulnerable categories of citizens. I have high hopes that RadoMobil will be associated with the joy and care that Caritas gives to its beneficiaries. Thanks to the support of the benefactors – this help will quickly and reliably reach everyone in need”

Vladyslav Shelokov, Communication and Resource Mobilization Director, Caritas Ukraine

The high-tech and modern car, which is highly economical to operate and unpretentious in service, will allow to rationally use the organisation’s administrative funds and help more effectively!

The cooperation between this leading company in the Ukrainian car market and Caritas Ukraine began in the early 2000s. It gained its dynamic development in 2019 when the socially responsible company began to support centres for children and youth of Caritas in different parts of Ukraine. The whole team of Caritas Ukraine thanks the management and employees of Winner, our cooperation is a vivid illustration of practical cooperation between business and philanthropists to address society’s social needs.

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Vladyslav Shelokov

Communication and Resource Mobilization Director,
Caritas Ukraine

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