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5 November 2019

In the framework of the MIND project, 11 European Caritas organisations have recently published a series of national Common Home publications on migration and development. To complete this series, on November 5 Caritas Europa will launch a European-wide publication entitled Common Home: migration and development in Europe and beyond with a panel discussion at the European Parliament.This multi-stakeholder discussion will be co-hosted by MEP Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar (S&D, LIBE Chair) and MEP Erik Marquardt (Greens, DEVE Vice-Chair).

The event will be an occasion to present the main findings of the publication and to give different stakeholders the opportunity to discuss how migration and development are interconnected. While the publication tackles migration and development both in Europe and globally, this event will focus on countries of origin and the Global South (namely Sub-Saharan Africa) from two different angles: the development potential of migration; the impact (or lack thereof) of European external policies, including development cooperation, on migration as well as on sustainable development more broadly.

This event aims to provide a platform for exchanging views on these topics, as well as to discuss concrete barriers, opportunities and promising practices that:

1) have an impact on the role of migration in facilitating development processes;

2) have an impact on the EU’s commitment towards promoting sustainable development and protecting human dignity and human rights outside of Europe.


Please find the tentative agenda for this event here



  • To highlight the ways in which migrants already contribute to sustainable development, with a specific focus on countries of origin;
  • To discuss about the impact of European external policies – namely development and migration policies – on sustainable development in the Global South;
  • To promote policies and structures that contribute to integral human development, foster solidarity and protect human rights globally, leaving no one behind.
  • To present Caritas’ positions and recommendations on: a) ways to effectively address barriers inhibiting the contribution and recognition of migrants as development actors towards countries of origin and in the Global South; b) ways to effectively address the shortcomings and unintended effects of current development and external migration policies on sustainable development in countries of origin and in the Global South.

European Parliament, BrusselsRoom ASP 3H1

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About Caritas and the MIND project

Caritas Europa is the network of Caritas organisations on the European continent. MIND is a 3-year project financed by the European Commission (DG DEVCO), with Caritas Austria in the lead, along with 11 other European Caritas organisations as partners, including Caritas Europa. The goal of the project is to raise public awareness on the relation between sustainable development and migration and the EU’s role in development cooperation.

Under the framework of the MIND project, European Caritas organisations published the Common Home series in May 2019, comprising 11 national studies. To complete this series, Caritas Europa will launch the European report at this event in November 2019. The European report explores the complex connection between migration and development and aims at promoting a more balanced and evidence-based debate on migration and development, particularly at a time when migration has become a deeply contentious issue in Europe.

With this publication, the Caritas network wishes, first, to identify the numerous policy and structural obstacles that hinder migration and communities from realising human integral development. Second, we aim to acknowledge the vital contribution of migration and of migrants to the development and well-being of our societies and, second, to advocate for the promotion of laws, policies and structures that contribute to integral human development, foster solidarity and protect human rights and dignity across Europe and globally, leaving no one behind.


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Brussels, Belgium
European Parliament
Room ASP 3H1


5 NOVEMBER 14:30-16.30 h

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