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Consultative Forum

13 - 15 APRIL 2021

This year’s Consultative Forum brings together for the first time network colleagues who are involved in the new Caritas Europa working structures.

The aim of the Forum is to ensure that all working group members are familiar with the new Strategic Framework and the Operational Guidelines. Over three days, the members will have the chance to meet colleagues from their own and from other working groups, and to define the future work as well as the areas of synergies with each other.

For this reason, we hope all participants will come to the Forum well  prepared, ready to reflect and give inputs. Please familiarise yourself with the terms of reference of your working group.

Who can attend

The Consultative Forum is open for members of Caritas Europa working structures only.


Please note that the Forum takes place every day from 10:00-13:30 CEST.


Please register by 7 April 2021, 23:59 CEST

This event has passed.




13 – 15

further information

Marc Somers
Institutional Development Director
+32 (0)2 235 26 57