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Armenian Caritas was founded in 1995 by the Armenian Catholic Church.

Armenian Caritas, which has Benevolent NGO status, focuses its domestic efforts on social protection and care, community-based development programmes to improve the living and educational conditions, to improve public health to the most vulnerable social groups, migration and integration to implement sustainable reintegration measures for returnees and humanitarian and development activities.

Since the beginning of its work, “Armenian Caritas” has provided direct assistance to thousands of people in 125 communities of Armenia.

“Serve different vulnerable groups with love and compassion, respecting the dignity of each individual:” this is the mission which leads “Armenian Caritas.” The vision of “Armenian Caritas” is to be a strong and significant role player in consolidation of social justice and social protection in the Republic of Armenia.

There are main six directions of the Armenian Caritas:

  1. Social protection and care: with special focus on the issues of children from disadvantaged families, children with disabilities and senior citizens living alone.
  2. Public Health: with special focus on development of primary health care system.
  3. Community and development: with special focus on the capacity building of rural communities, schools and women.
  4. Migration and integration and prevention of trafficking: with special focus on the reintegration of returnees.
  5. Advocacy, lobbying and network collaboration.
  6. Emergency response/management and prevention.

Along with provision of basic needs, care and development activities for the targeted groups, Armenian Caritas also concentrates its efforts on the advocacy actions and state social policy revisions striving to assure more sustainable change.

The organisation also advocates for inclusive education as well as integration of an alternative community based social service model, as successfully implemented by Armenian Caritas.

Among the flagship projects of Armenian Caritas, there is the homecare service model for the older people and participatory approach in the community development initiatives.

The main office of Armenian Caritas, is located in Gyumri, Armenia and has the staff and volunteers of approximately 230 people.

Armenian Caritas continues to extend its services throughout Armenia and operates throughout the RA provinces of Shirak, Lori, Gegharkunik, Ararat as well as Yerevan City.

Today, Armenian Caritas boasts a solid institutional base, with a clearly defined mission and vision, vast number of local and international partners. It maintains a strong potential for growth in order to serve its beneficiaries at an increasing capacity.

Armenian Caritas is a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation and Caritas Europe, and international Caritas network of over 160 members that provides emergency aid and support to countries all around the world.

General information

Archbishop Raphael Minassyan

Secretary General
Mr Gagik Tarasyan

8 H. Sargsyan
3 side street 
3118 Gyumri
Telephone: +374 312 5 72 01
Fax: +374 312 5 78 49


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