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Caritas Belarus began soon after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the early 90s when the country experienced a revival of religious life. At first, few people understood the Caritas mission, so one of the main goals of the agency during the early years was to educate the people on this and its programme objectives. Over the course of the next decade, step by step the diocesan Caritas organisations began to develop and be known within the local Christian community as a social service agency that works to build a better world, especially alleviating the hardships endured by the poor and marginalised.

Caritas Belarus care and assistance for children is a hallmark of the agency’s work. Initiatives provide free lunches for children from low-income families and improve the health of children who still endure the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. Moreover, their work provides shelter accommodation for orphans and social orphans and a programme that facilitates the integration of children and young people with disabilities into society.

Caritas Belarus organises canteens to provide food and shelter for the needy and social assistance services that includes home nursing care for the elderly and assistance for the those in prison.

The organisational structure of Caritas Belarus includes 4 diocesan offices and the national office in Minsk. Nationwide the agency is represented by a staff of about 30 employees and volunteers to carry out its activities.

Caritas Belarus is a member Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa. The agency has collaborated with Caritas members Caritas Czech Republic, Caritas France, Caritas Austria, Caritas Lithuania, Caritas Poland and Caritas Italy.


General information

H.E. Msgr Oleg Butkevich

Fr. Vitaliy Dobrolovich

9 Svobody sqr. 
Telephone: +375 17 380 19 49 / +375 44 791 78 87


Caritas Belarus