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The “Deutscher Caritasverband” (German Caritas Association) was founded in 1897. It gave rise to all other Caritas organisations worldwide. In 1916, the Catholic Bishops Conference of Germany declared it officially as the social wing of the Catholic Church in Germany.

After first focusing on social projects in its own country, “Deutscher Caritasverband” later implemented an international department called “Caritas Germany” which is involved in disaster response and supporting social programmes worldwide.

Support for relief and rehabilitation work during and after disasters, support (financially as well as advisory support) of social programmes for disadvantaged children, people with disabilities, for the empowerment of women, for elderly people, various other social programmes and peacebuilding activities in Germany and in 165 countries of the world.

The social work of Caritas in Germany is organised and coordinated by 27 diocesan Caritas organisations guided by its headquarter in the city of Freiburg. Caritas has more than half a million staff working in Germany and about half a million volunteers. The international department of Caritas Germany is working with a staff of about 70.

We work with Caritas partner organisations in Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

General information

Msgr. Peter Neher 

Secretary General
Hans Joerg Millies

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