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The Confederation Caritas Luxembourg is composed of a series of associations; amongst these are the Caritas Luxembourg Foundation, the Caritas Reception and Solidarity association, the Caritas Youth and Families association, and the Caritas Children and Families association. They operate together under the name of Caritas Luxembourg.

The aim of the Confederation Caritas Luxembourg is:

  • Accompaniment and council to its members in the theological domains, especially the social teaching of the Church.
  • Accompaniment and council regarding ethical and moral questions.
  • Concertation of its members on the big societal questions.
  • Research with regards to social, health, educational and related topics.

General information

Ms. Marie-Christine Ries

Mr. Andreas Vogt
Mr. Philippe Streff

29, rue Michel Welter 
L-2730 Luxembourg
Telephone: +352 40 21 31 200
Fax: +352 40 21 31 209   
Caritas Luxembourg