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Caritas Macedonia is the humanitarian organisation of the Catholic Church in Macedonia. It was founded in 1991 in Skopje with the aim to help those most in need – regardless of national, religious and political ideologies. Caritas Macedonia’s humanitarian assistance has provided vital relief items such as food, clothing and medical assistance to the most vulnerable groups of people, especially after the war in Kosovo in 1999 and the conflict in Macedonia in 2001. Special emphasis was given to the elderly and the most vulnerable citizens such refugees in Macedonia and the Roma, assistance that helped them secure documents, citizenship and various educational courses.

Caritas Macedonia programmes helps poor families who either have no income or their social assistance is 30-50 euros a month; provisions that include the basic necessities of food, clothing and medicine.

A major aspect of the work of Caritas Macedonia is a 9 month education project for 170 Roma children, women and girls, so that they can learn to speak and write the Macedonia language, which is a requirement for entering primary education.

The National Office of Caritas Macedonia is located in Skopje and has Caritas parishes in all parts of the country. The local bishop serves as President while the organisational work is entrusted to the Director. The Caritas parishes are led by the parish priest and volunteers help carry out their humanitarian mission.

Caritas Macedonia has worked with many members from Caritas Europa and currently they are working in close partnership with Caritas France and Caritas Italy.

General information

Don Pavo Sekerija

ul. Petar Poparsov 47 
91000 Skopje 
Telephone: +389 2 322 41 90
Fax: +389 2 322 06 22   
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Makedonski Karitas
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