Caritas Malta was founded in 1968 by the Caritas National Council to co-ordinate and develop social assistance and charitable activities. In 1979, the agency underwent a re-alignment of its services and implemented a new system to alleviate poverty, promote social justice and support personal development through a wide-range of services that include shelters for the homeless, care and support for the sick and people living with HIV/AIDS, counseling for people with credit issues, rehabilitation services for drug-abusers, programmes to combat social exclusion and social work for those with psychological, social and spiritual problems.

Caritas Malta works with local and international partners to support the poor and marginalised. At the grassroots level, hundreds of community outreach volunteers provide services to families in material need, offer a "HelpAge" service to improve the quality life of the elderly through social clubs and home visits and distribute basic necessities to the homeless, such as food and clothing. In addition, Caritas Malta Self-Help Groups supports families with social problems and emotional issues, such as seperations. Caritas Malta runs support groups for alcoholics, assisting people and their families with drinking problems and helps people with gambling problems.

Caritas Malta is also active in rehabilitation and prevention to combat the drug abuse epidemic plaguing Malta. They founded New Hope in the 80's, a foundation that offers hope to people facing such problems through professional long-term rehabilitation and prevention education to promote awareness among young people. Caritas Malta established a Harm Reduction Shelter in Zebbug to assist clients during their detoxification treatment and prepare them for rehabilitation. The Shelter also provides help to homeless people and prison inmates struggling with substance abuse. A similar setting is also provided to women.

In 2000, Caritas Malta set up a foundation to support and counsel victims of loan sharks by listening and offering legal and financial consultation to find solutions to resolve their debt problems and get their lives back on track.

Caritas Malta, headquartered in Floriana, employs a total of 80 staff and a nice group of volunteers of different ages.

In 2015, Caritas Malta took the initiative to form a group of positive youngsters – Caritas Youths – that supports Caritas Malta's mission with initiatives, new ideas and fundraising events.

Caritas Malta is a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation and Caritas Europa, the worldwide Caritas network to promote dignity, justice, solidarity and stewardship, and provides emergency aid wherever needed in the world.

General information

Archbishop Paul Cremona

Leonid McKay

5 Lion Street
Floriana VLT16

Telephone: +356 25 906 600 | +356 25 906 627
Fax: +356 21 246 374
Facebook: CaritasMalta


Caritas Malta