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Economy of Francesco

22 November 2020

Caritas Europa organises a side workshop event related to the Economy of Francesco on the 22 November 2020 in Foligno to share expertise and ideas about how to engage in and create a fair, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The aim of the workshops is to:

a) Facilitate experience sharing among participants: how the EoF event has inspired participants at personal and professional levels.

b) Support participants in bringing what they have learned during the EoF event to Caritas organisations they belong, so that their learning/experience will have a higher impact on Caritas, on their communities and the people they serve.

c) Feed Caritas Europa network with ideas and thoughts after having participated in such an inspiring event. How Caritas Europa network can shape its work on human centred economy and social economy according to the participants.

The event is organised with the support of the experts of Human Centred Economy Task Force.


The workshop will start at 11.30 and will end at 20.00. The detailed programme will be uploaded soon.

Lunch, dinner and accommodation will be provided for all participants.

Who can attend

The event is open for “Economy of Francis” Caritas participants only.


The workshop will take place at Caritas Foligno and Arca del Mediterraneo

Accommodation will be in Hotel Italia – Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 12, 06034 Foligno PG, Italy

Travel support

Caritas Europa covers travel expenses of participants.

Download your expenses claim template here.



You will arrive on Sunday 22 November by train from Assisi (Train departure from Assisi at 10:43 – meeting point at 10:25 at the train station)

(24h format - hh:mm)


Foligno, Italy



further information

Agnieszka Zarzyńska
Institutional Development Officer
+32 (0)2 235 26 85