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EU eastern partnership’s programme must deliver more on migration

countries looking for a brighter future

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Citizens from the Eastern Partnership countries looking for a brighter future in the EU are confronted with a restrictive common migration policy approach that pushes thousands of them into irregular situations and the informal economy.

This situation creates unnecessary human suffering by destroying the human dignity of those trapped in “irregularity”.

Caritas Europa deeply regrets that the European Union is at the source of so much injustice, and strongly believes that a positive approach to migration would enrich both the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries.

Therefore, Caritas Europa calls on EU Member States and Eastern Partnership countries to take the following recommendations into consideration:

  1. Migration policies must be human-rights based and include a systematic human rights impact assessment
  2. Simplify and make more accessible regular channels for migration that allow people to seek work abroad and return freely.
  3. Support reintegration measures for Eastern Partnership countries
  4. Enhance cooperation with civil society partners