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EP elections forum 2018

19-20 February 2018

In May 2019, citizens of the European Union will elect their representatives in the European Parliament.

The relevance of this election is not always well-known in the Member States. During this meeting, the national Caritas organisations will come together to exchange on the network’s common approach to this political process.

Who can attend

Advocacy directors of national Caritas organisations.CE advocacy-related Action Group members, CE’s Advocacy steering group members, and CE’s interested board members are targeted to attend.


This event has no confirmed funding source for the time being. Each organisation will have to cover its participant’s expenses. Reimbursement might eventually be possible, so please hold onto your receipts and original invoices until given further notice.


Registration for this event is closed


The meeting will take place in
Caritas Belgium and Caritas Europa’s venue
Rue de la Charité,
43 1210 Brussels,
Google map link


19 – 20

further information

Shannon Pfohman
Caritas Europa Policy and Advocacy Director
Tel: +32 (0)476 98 44 77