Tue, 20/05/2014 - 17:30 to Thu, 22/05/2014 - 16:00

Soesterberg, Netherlands

  • Regional Conference 2014
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Caritas Europa Regional Conference 2014

Next 20-22 May the annual Regional Conference will gather in Soesterberg, Netherlands. 


Statutory Day

2014 is the last year of the current mandate of the President, Secretary General and some members of the Executive Board.Therefore, among other issues its statutory day, the Regional Conference 2014 will take important decisions regarding these key positions.

New President

After 8 years at the held of Caritas Europa, Fr Erny Gillen will step down as President in 2015. The Regional Conference must elect a new person to take on this role. 

Secretary General 

Secretary General Jorge Nuño Mayer is entering the last year of his first mandate of 4 years. The Executive Board will propose to the Conference to reappoint Mr Nuño Mayer for a second term. 

New Executive Board

5 of the 8 members of the current Executive Board will end their mandate in 2015 - Caritas Bulgaria, Caritas Italy, Caritas Germany, Caritas Slovenia and Caritas Ukraine. The Conference will have to elect 5 new members to join the remaining 3 members of the Board - Caritas Belgium, Caritas England and Wales, and Caritas Poland. 

Thematic Day: Caritas investing in the people and communities. Caritas in cooperation with enterprises

After the statutory day, this edition of the Regional Conference dedicate its second day to deepening into the ways Caritas is investing in people and communities, as well as how Caritas can improve and enhance its help by collaborating and getting inspired by initiatives stemming from the private sector.

More information

For further information regarding the programme of the Regional Conference 2014, please download the draft agenda. Available in English | Deutsch | Francais

Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands) turns 100 year!

Following to the Conference Regional, on 23 March, Cordaid will celebrate its 100th anniversary. For the occasion, participants in the Conference will get a transfer to Amsterdam and celebrate with Cordaid!

Venue of the Regional Conference

The event will be organised in the conference centre Kontakt der Kontinenten

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How to get there from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam)

  • In Schiphol, take the train to Amersfoot. This train leaves every 30 minutes at 07 and 37 past the hour.The journey is 44 minutes. The ticket costs €9.70 (possibility to buy train and bus tickets at reduced rates)
  • In Amersfoot, you have 2 options:
    • Taxi. 10 minutes. €23
    • Bus no 56 towards Wijk bij Duurstede. Step off at Kontakt der Kontinenten. The bus leaves every hour. Journey is 15 minutes and costs €1.80.