Social Protection

Caritas Europa’s vision for resilient European social models, that provide for the well-being of all people, is based on policies that tackle Social Protection along with Child and Family Poverty and Inclusive Labour Markets.

If people are temporarily or permanently unable to earn a decent income through participation in the labour market, a solidarity mechanism should be in place to ensure an income and access to services and thus safeguarding the right of every person to lead a life in dignity and to fully participate in society.


  • A resilient and performing social model

Caritas advocates for strong social models with a well-functioning labour market able to create decent jobs with decent wages for all, with strong solidarity mechanisms at local, regional, national and European level and based on agreed international standards.

  • Child poverty

Caritas advocates for an integrated three-pronged approach to addressing child and family poverty: income security, access to services and benefits and participation of children in all decisions affecting them.

  • EU 2020

Caritas supports the poverty and employment goals of the Europe 2020 strategy by which 20 million people in the EU should be taken out of poverty by 2020 and an employment rate of 75% of the active population. While this is still insufficient, EU member states will have to be more courageous in changing existing social protection systems to adapt them to the new social realities in our societies.

  • EU pillar of social rights

The EC proposal for and EU Pillar of Social Rights is a promising initiative to bring about awareness and positive changes in social policy making and in solidarity mechanisms.

  • European semester

Caritas Europa uses the European Semester process at EU level to influence the European Institutions and to encourage implementation of relevant Country Specific Recommendations by the member states in order to reduce inequalities by achieving upwards convergence between and within member states.

  • Council of Europe – European Social Charter

Caritas Europa advocates for the ratification and full implementation of the Revised European Social Charter (ESC) of the Council of Europe (CoE) in all CoE member states. A full implementation of all social rights enshrined in the ESC in policy and practice will contribute decisively to eradicating poverty and social exclusion across Europe.


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