Dear Faith and Action reader,

Welcome to this special issue dedicated to Migration theology: understanding God’s people on the move.

Millions of people are triggered to move within national and international borders by armed conflicts, dire economy and natural disasters. We find ourselves living at the crossroads of cultures amid astonishing differences, which contradict, complement and often merge. We witness and contribute to the creation of a new kind of social order and multicultural living, based on the realistic mutual acknowledgment of each other’s vulnerability and a need of each other in our journey towards the genuine wellbeing, peace and harmony for all. In his message for the 51st World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2018 Pope Francis calls to educate Catholics and build public support for policies to guarantee an appropriate welcome, protection, promotion and integration of migrants and refugees.

The biblical imperative to welcome the stranger is at the heart of this special issue of Faith and Action. Behind every case there is a human story, a story of more than just an individual; these are people who are longing to protect their own lives and lives of their beloved ones, who are opening for a new beginning. This special edition of Faith and Action ties up into Caritas Internationalis’ Share the Journey campaign, which began on 27 September 2017 and will continue through 2019, and which calls migrants and host communities to share together the communities’ stories of migration.

Here we bring together theological reflections and stories about, for and especially from people on the move. In this way we try to make the voices of people heard and try to tell our stories better – the story of social transformation, of protection of human dignity, the story of hope, mercy and vision of participatory and inclusive community.

Maryana Hnyp
Institutional Development Officer, Caritas Europa
Editor of Faith and Action

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