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Institutional advocacy visit

8-10 July 2019

Institutional Advocacy is “the effort of Caritas to establish a structured relationship with government in order to strengthen the organisation’s own sustainability.”

  • being involved with governments as reliable interlocutors in dialogue concerning legislative, financial and political contexts
  • being recognised by governments as reliable social service providers,
  • being recognised as competent advocates of the poor, able to propose solutions to address the injustices and disempowerment of people Caritas organisations serve.

Institutional advocacy is a relatively new concept in our network. We have developed in the last couple of years a roadmap to facilitate the sharing of experiences and information and to stimulate and encourage discussion among Caritas organisations. It consciously does not offer a top-down definition or a one-stop-shop model for all organisations.

Caritas Europa has recently published a study which is meant for the network to better understand this concept and to assess the steps with which to achieve the above goal, based on our Members’ experiences. The study detailed examples of where Caritas organisations have successfully strengthened relations with their national governments.

One of the most promising practices is the experience of Caritas Serbia and we would like to invite Caritas Organisations to join us in a study visit in Serbia to meet the national Caritas, Serbian public authorities and other partners / stakeholders as well as to visit the diocesan Caritas of Valjevo in order to better understand the steps taken for a successful institutional advocacy action and how the organisation (and people in need) can benefit from it.

Who can attend

Directors, managers of Cartas Organisations who want to establish a structured relationship with their own governments in order to strengthen the organisation’s sustainability.


This training will take place at:

Caritas Serbia, Belgrade and Valjevo


Find the draft agenda for this study visit here

Fee and travel support

Caritas Europa covers travel and accommodation expenses of the first 6 participants from Caritas organisations (max one participant for organisation) who register here.


Registration for this event is closed


Belgrade and Valjevo, Serbia


8 – 10

further information

Antonio Fantasia
Policy and Advocacy Officer
+32 (0)2 235 26 59