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International cooperation

12 -13 September 2019

Caritas Europa (CE) is organising a one-day event for Members Organisations to exchange their experiences implementing international cooperation and development actions and to reflect on the work of the network.

This exchange will aim at:

  • Enabling a space for CE Member Organisations active in the field of international cooperation and development to come together to share their experiences with each other;
  • Listening and dedicating time to consider practices related to this area of work, both problematic and promising;
  • Listening and considering commonalities across the network relative to the topic;
  • Proposing a potential process for reflecting on future financing models by CE/Caritas Internationalis (CI) member organisations to different CI regions;
  • Considering a possible future direction for CE-Secretariat to focus on with its members in the next Strategic Framework.

The event will begin with an optional common dinner on 12 September 2019 at 19:00. The one-day meeting will happen on 13 September 2019, from 09:00 to 16:00 (CEST).

Who can attend

International Cooperation Directors from across the Caritas Europa region.

If that is not feasible, Directors may send someone in their place to represent their organisation.


Caritas Europa’s office: Rue de la Charite 43, 1210 Brussels, fourth floor.

Dinner reservations will be made at a local restaurant.


Please find the draft agenda for this event here

Fee and travel support

Participants will cover their own costs (flight, accommodation, and dinner on 12 September) and will make their own hotel reservations. Please find a list of hotels here.

CE-S will provide coffee during the meeting and will order sandwiches for lunch.


Registration for this event is closed


Brussels, Belgium


12 – 13

further information

Luisa Fondello
Policy and Advocacy Officer
+32 (0)2 235 03 93