Twelve organisations, one common vision
MIND is a 3-year project financed by the European Commission through which Caritas Austria (lead applicant), Caritas Bavaria (Germany),Caritas Bulgaria, Caritas Czech Republic, Cordaid (Caritas Netherlands), Caritas Europa, Caritas International Belgium, Caritas Italy, Caritas Portugal, Caritas Slovakia, Caritas Slovenia, and Caritas Sweden seek to raise public awareness of development issues and promote development education in the European Union.

Raising awareness: The main goal of the project
Our project will contribute to positive views and the active involvement of European society on development issues and concerns. We will increase the space for encounter between people to better understand the complex connections between migration, sustainable development and the responses to them with humanity, dignity and respect.

The anticipated outcomes from our engagement on advocacy and campaigning over the three year period (Oct. 2017-Sept 2020) will result in:

  1. Improved public understanding of the relationship between universal sustainable development and migration, its role both in the EU and developing countries and the EU’s contribution in development cooperation (in and across 11 EU Member States).
  2. State authorities, CSOs, individuals and other (potential) development actors being increasingly more engaged in addressing root causes of migration and in investing in migrants and refugees as actors of development (in and across 11 EU Member States).

The youth at the heart of our activities
Caritas Europa is taking the lead in steering advocacy actions at European-level, overseeing the drafting of the Common Home publication, organising roundtable meetings and multi-stakeholder alliances with businesses, universities/academics, civil society organisations, migrant and refugee diaspora communities and own organisations, as well as with media/journalists.

Project partners will deliver national advocacy and campaigning actions involving a range of stakeholders including national and local decision makers, private sector, civil society, academia and grass roots organisations working with refugees, migrants and diaspora groups.

Caritas Europa contributes to Caritas Internationalis’ campaign #ShareJourney


The MIND project has received the financial assistance of the European Union Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Programme. For further information please click here.