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New study on migrant workers in social services

Launched with a panel discussion at the European Parliament

Caritas Europa, as member of Social Services Europe (SSE), organised a panel discussion at the European Parliament entitled ‘Do Social Services Matter for EU?’ The event was an opportunity to introduce SSE to new European parlamentarians, and to bring together key EU policymakers and stakeholders to debate about the current developments and challenges of the social and health care sectors. It was also an occassion to identify the practical steps to be taken to ensure that the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) become a reality.

Also during the event, the study “Third-Country Social and Care Service Professionals: Unlocking the Job Creation potential of Social Services” was launched. It analyses, at the national and/or local levels, ways to unlock the potential of migrants to address staff shortages and to meet the increasing demand of social services in Europe. SSE commissioned (under the leading role of Caritas Europa) the production of this study to Instituto per la Ricerca Sociale (IRS).

The event was hosted by MEP Pierfrancesco Majorino and brough together key EU policymakers and stakeholders.

During her intervention, our Secretary General, Maria Nyman, highlighted that investing in social services would ensure access to quality, affordable, accessible, and available social services. Also, she added, it would contribute to more cohesive societies, if linked with inclusive and long-term migration and integration policies. Therefore, investing in migrant workers’ integration can really contribute to the wellbeing of all residents in Europe.

Social services are essential to fostering inclusive growth because they play a key role in the prevention and reduction of social vulnerabilities and promote social cohesion. Promoting these services should be considered an investment, a social one, with mid- to long-term return to individuals, society and, the economy as a whole.

More information about this event is available on SSE’s website.

Huge potential

Social services are one of the biggest job creators in Europe today, and play a key role in empowering all people to play an active role in society.

There is an increasing demand of social and care service professionals in most EU Member States related to the demographic changes and the evolving family patterns and needs, among other factors. All these elements are leading to increased pressure on social and care services.

At the same time, there is more interest in the role of migrants in the social and care sectors, who make up a growing proportion of the workforce. Migrants with good chances to access the labour market may bring new skills and experiences, and contribute to smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth.

About Social Services Europe

SSE advocates for the accessibility, affordability, availability, and adequacy of social and health care services all across Europe, as a crucial element of the European social model, aimed at ensuring social rights to all. This requires ensuring the appropriate organisation, funding and delivery of these services, particularly in an improving yet uncertain economic, and social context.

Social Services Europe believes that investing in people is a long-term investment that yields both social and economic returns. People should be at the heart of all policies but SSE member organisations as providers need a supportive ecosystem to meet their needs.